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Patrick and Mary Peterson

Marnie Khaw, founder, Silicon Valley Libertarian Book Club

Matt Ogorzalek, Silicon Valley Chapter of SoLE (Society of Libertarian Entrepreneurs)

Warren Gibson, frequent contributor to The Freeman magazine and SJSU Economics Instructor

Quee Nelson, author, The Slightest Philosophy

Corrie Foos, founder, Mt. Hamilton Society

David J. and Mary L.G. Theroux, The Independent Institute

Sprott Global Resource Investments Ltd.

Agora Financial, LLC


Cordially invite you to the

4th Annual Ludwig von Mises Birthday Celebration


Places are indeed filling up, so please send in your reservation request as soon as possible, as you do not want to miss out.


Date:   Saturday 29 September 2012   Time: 6 - 10 P.M.

Place:  The Silicon Valley Capital Club

50 W. San Fernando St.- 17th Floor,   San Jose (Validated/free parking available in same building)


Featured Main speaker:   Rick Rule


Ludwig von Mises was born 29 Sept. 1881, and hence this celebration on Sat. 29 Sept.   Henry Hazlitt wrote of Mises:  "His outstanding moral quality was moral courage, the ability to stand alone, and an almost fanatical intellectual honesty and candor that refused to deviate or compromise an inch.  This often cost him personally dear, but it set an ideal to strengthen and inspire his students and  all the rest of us who were privileged to know him." 

Robert Bidinotto wrote: "It is difficult to conceive of any person in our time who has given the world so much, yet been rewarded so little in return." 

The Wall St. Journal wrote: "Mr. von Mises believed in choice. He believed that choosing among options determines all human decisions and hence the entire sphere of human action...  While man could destroy himself and civilization, he could also ascend - in a free society, i.e., a free economy - to undreamed-of  cultural, intellectual and technological heights...."


Our introductory speaker:

GregoryAnthony Gregory is Research Fellow at the Independent Institute.

He has written hundreds of articles that have appeared in the Christian Science Monitor, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, San Diego Union-Tribune, Washington Times, Dallas Morning News, Salt Lake Tribune, Sacramento Bee, Portland Oregonian, Modesto Bee, Contra Costa Times, and many other newspapers; as well as in Human Events, Counterpunch, The American Conservative, Alternet, Antiwar.com, The Independent Review and the Journal of Libertarian Studies.

He also regularly writes for numerous news and commentary web sites, including LewRockwell.com and the Future of Freedom Foundation.  He earned his bachelor’s degree in American history from the University of California at Berkeley, giving the undergraduate history commencement speech in 2003.


Our main speaker:  Rule

Rick Rule began his career in the securities business in 1974, and has been principally involved in natural resource security investments ever since. He is a leading investor specializing in mining, energy, water, forest products and agriculture. Rick founded and built California-based Global Resource Investments, Ltd. but sold it in 2010 to Sprott, Inc., a leading independent public natural resources investment manager, considered Canada's premier global resource oriented money manager.

A popular public speaker, Mr. Rule is a featured presenter throughout the world, such as being a perennial favorite at FreedomFest in Las Vegas and the Agora Financial Investment Symposium held in Vancouver each July.  You can find many videos of him on YouTube.com.

Rick Rule will be speaking on the influence Ludwig von Mises had on him and on his very successful career.


Evening's Agenda:

6:00 P.M. - Reception  (Capital Club Banquet Room South and adjoining balcony)

7:00 P.M. - Dinner

8:00 P.M. - Introductions, Speaker with Q & A

9:45 P.M. - Concluding remarks

Attire:  Business Casual

Event Price:  $100, includes dinner and a special gift to all attendees. 


       PayPal to: patrickpeterson@yahoo.com    or

       Send Check to:  Patrick Peterson, 3582 Sunnydale Ct., San Jose, CA  95117-2951

Information:   Questions? e-mail: patrickpeterson@yahoo.com or call: 408-505-9041


Our venue is superb, with breathtaking views of the city, bay and surrounding mountains. 

 Directions:  Link

Please join us to celebrate Ludwig von Mises and his ideas, championing a free society.